In close partnership with Azchandara in Nottinghamshire.

Tehya and Azchandara are sister Catteries, combining our lines to maximise potential.

I am a TICA registered hobby breeder of healthy, happy and well socialised Serengeti cats/kittens based in Lincolnshire.

The Serengeti is still a rare breed in the UK, with only a few active breeders. We are committed to the advancement of this beautiful cat and breed as near as possible to the breed standard.

The Serengeti is a beautiful, elegant, intelligent and very loving, they are extremely friendly and very family orientated.

The health and wellbeing of all my cat’s and kitten’s here at TEHYA is paramount and are a big part of my family.

Please do not be conned into paying exhorbitant amounts for your serengeti in the belief you are getting something better.  There are currently no recommended health tests for the breed so any that are claimed to have been done are unnecessary and irrelevant.  Any new bengal or oriental lines introduced into our breed programme in the future will however be subject to all relevant health screening before breeding.


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