We are TICA and GCCF registered cattery based in Lincolnshire, we are hobby breeders of strong, healthy, confident and well socialised sphynx kittens of great quality and type with fabulous temperaments. 


We are members of the Sphynx cat club, we HCM annually and all our cats are FELV/FIV tested. 


I got my first Sphynx, Lou, in 2011 aged 7 months.  At a year old she was diagnosed with HCM and my world fell apart.  My beautiful little girl with her huge attitude had a bad heart.  Three weeks after her 3rd birthday I had to make the devastating decision to allow her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I would have given anything to have had more time with her but it was sadly not meant to be. Thanks to my wonderful friend Nathalie of blancanieves-sphynx.co.uk. I have been given another chance and the opportunity to assist in ensuring future generations of this magnificent breed do not suffer the same fate as my beloved Lou.


The sphynx is known to be extrovert, intelligent, inquisitive, mischievous and agile. They can be extremely vocal and will hold a conversation with you and are a constant source of entertainment. They are exceptionally affectionate and love to be involved in whatever you are doing. Life is never dull with a sphynx around.