In close partnership with Azchandara in Nottinghamshire.

Tehya and Azchandara are sister Catteries, combining our lines to maximise potential.

I am a TICA registered hobby breeder of healthy, happy and well socialised Serengeti cats/kittens based in Lincolnshire.

The Serengeti is still a rare breed in the UK, with only a few active breeders,  we are striving to continue the advancement and improvement of this beautiful, elegant, intelligent and very loving cat.

I would like to say a big thank you to Jay of  Azchandara Serengeti’s and Lesley at Littlefancyneverneverland , for all their help and support. Please click on the links above to view their websites.

More importantly, a big thank you must go to my family, without them it would have been impossible for me to follow my dream.

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